Holly Strychalski

Dog Groomer

At Seacoast Lucky Dog we are fortunate enough to have a certified groomer from the prestigious Pedigree Career Institute of Massachusetts from which she graduated in 1987.

She has worked in several grooming salons through the years and was a former Instructor of Pedigree Career Institute in the 90’s.

She cares very deeply about the animals in her care. From proper baths to the importance of making it a good experience for each and every animal. And always finds a way to keep them calm and comfortable.

Our groomer believes in using good quality products that are safe for your animals skin and coat and our environment. Each pet is given 2 full baths, one with the Hydro Surge and the other the old fashion way, by hand. This ensures a deep clean and by using our hands we can find anything that may be on your dogs skin or coat. It also gives your pet a very relaxing massage making for a very enjoyable groom.

She has many years experience with dogs outside the grooming world. She has owned a Hobby show kennel since 1997 but have been showing and training dogs since the mid 1970’s.

She has a vast knowledge in dog nutrition, dog behavior, husbandry, training in obedience from puppy K thru advanced obedience, protection sports and rescue.