Dog Daycare

What to expect when you bring your dog to Lucky Dog

When your dog first comes into Lucky Dog they can expect to be greeted by all of their friends outside. We try and exercise and play with them throughout the morning. They have the chance to play in our large backyard that has astro-turf, tunnels, boxes, ramps, and even a sandbox. In the summer we have pools and sprinklers to cool off along with plenty of trees that provide shade. As the afternoon approaches our staff will feed the dogs that have brought lunches and also give medication. For the rest of the afternoon your dog will be running, jumping, hopping, playing, socializing and doing what every dog LOVES to do!!! When your dog is picked up they will be very tired and ready to snuggle with you and your family.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 6:00pm
Customers will be expected to pay a late fee if they are unable to arrive before Lucky Dog closes, thanks for your cooperation.

Daycare Rates

Single Dog

Full Day: $30
1/2 Day: $23
(1/2 Day = any 5 hours)

Multi Dog

Full Day: $25 Each
1/2 Day: $21 Each

Package Discounts

Full Day Packages

Package Price
5 Pack $142
10 Pack $280
20 Pack $540

Half Day Packages

Package Price
5, 1/2 Days $107
10, 1/2 Days $210
20, 1/2 Days $360

Note: A 1/2 day is any 5 hours, Monday through Friday.