Bryant Nicholson

Bryant Nicholson, Seacoast Lucky Dog

Hi my name is Bryant. I’ve been working at Lucky Dog since 2019 and love the great environment here. Playing with all the dogs here is such a pleasure and when I’m not at Lucky Dog, you can find me spending time playing and snuggling with my little min pin Sheba. I also enjoy skateboarding and playing video games, which I’ve been doing since I was 13. Working here is great because I thoroughly enjoy being outside, Disc Golf is another hobby that allows be to be outside when not taking care of these great dogs. In addition to working with dogs, I’m passionate about making art which John has let me do in the yard and all over the establishment – check out the logo mural outside and pictures on our FB. I’ve learned a lot from the team here and look forward to working with your dog/keeping your dogs active while they’re here.